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Character style - Psychology

Psychology comes from the Greek and means "psychology". It deals with the behavior and the feelings of the people and their learning processes and research into the causes and circumstances of these behaviors. Psychological thinking found in early human history, especially in the mythology, natural history and art, its space. The different conceptual models to the soul manifested mainly by Greek philosophy since Plato and Aristotle. More...

School News
  • In our life there is a row at things that determine for us what we have to do. So also the time is controlled in that one we have to learn. So every human being must ran through his school time. This is dutifully controlled onto ten years. Who must do a school year twice needs to be possible only up to the ninth class to the school. Many pupils do simply not keep on fancying after some years anymore to the school no go and search a job. Mostly is worked then unfortunately only somewhere, not targeted therefore any training. This is not a good decision, because all the better a graduation is, one finds a job the simpler later. Every pupil is well-advised, that is to learn to use the school for his purposes, so much and as well as possibly, as possible. So one can create very good basics in order to learn a profession later, which one wants and does not have to take, which one just gets now. Read more...
Feng Hua Yuan Supplements
  • We all earn our money normally with work. However, that does not suffice mostly and the wage agreements are a book with seven seals for this purpose mostly still. Which surcharges there are and which ones still calculate themselves for the employee? Read more...